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(Type II Diabetes) 

qPCR SNP Detection Kit

2DIA (Type II Diabetes) qPCR SNP Detection Kit


Analysed gene is concerned with the body’s correct response to too high blood sugar. Changes in the CDKAL1 gene mean that the insulin produced by the pancreas is less responsive to glucose supplied with food and is secreted in smaller amounts. Consequently, there is a risk of developing type II diabetes.




Type II Diabetes




rs7756992, rs7754840


2 × Nuclease-Free Water
2 × 2xSNP MasterMix
2 × Oligos Set
2 × Positive Control Set


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

Type II diabetes is an impairment in the way the body regulates and uses sugar (glucose) as a fuel. It is a very serious disease that leads to complications in the cardiovascular system. The development of the disease may cause the patient’s death. In 2019, diabetes and kidney disease due to diabetes caused an estimated 2 million deaths.

What causes the disease?

The cause of the disease is multifactorial and results from the overlapping of genetic and environmental factors. The gene variant conducive to the development of type II diabetes is unchanged and independent of lifestyle. Having an unfavorable genetic variant increases the risk of diabetes by 1.2 times, while in combination with environmental factors such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle or overuse of sugars, it increases the risk several times.

How the test is performed?

In the offered package of genetic predispositions based on the analysis of polymorphisms we mark specific fragment of CDKAL1 gene. Changes in the studied alleles are related to the abnormal formation of the encoded CDKAL1 protein, as a result, it carries the risk of developing type II diabetes. The analysis of polymorphisms is based on the real-time PCR reaction that allows for precise determination of the genotype in a short time.

How will the client benefit?

Based on the test result and the decision matrix in the product IFU, the client will receive precise information about their gene variant and a brief explanation concerning what this variant means. Based on the product IFU the service provider can compile a report with the result and recommendations tailored to the client’s genotype.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

Type II diabetes is a global endemic disease and the number of patients is constantly increasing. More than 90% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. The great potential of genetic testing in preventing the development of the disease means that the number of clients will increase. Moreover professional service and a report with a comprehensive explanation of the result and recommendations will encourage the patient to use other genetic tests.

What can be done after the test result?

In the case of an unfavorable variant of the gene, it is important to follow the recommendations and consult a doctor. It should be remembered that a normal genotype does not exclude the disease. The great potential of genetic testing makes it possible to predict many diseases and gives a chance to take action to improve health.