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(Sport Predisposition) 

qPCR SNP Detection Kit

PRESPO (Sport Predisposition) qPCR SNP Detection Kit


Analysed genes influence encoding of the protein that is the building block of muscles, as well as proteins responsible for muscle regeneration after damage, the amount of enzyme affecting the blood supply to the tissues, as well as blood pressure. The results allow to determine what types of sports a person is predisposed to.




Sport Predispositions




rs1815739, rs2070744, rs699, rs1800795


4 × Nuclease-Free Water
4 × 2xSNP MasterMix
4 × Oligos Set
4 × Positive Control Set


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

Many dreams of an athlete’s career have not been realized. Children and teenagers spend endless hours training and do not get satisfactory results. Many professional sportsmen only start to win when they change the field of sport. The answer in which sport we will find ourselves best, for which sport we are made, is in our genes.

Why knowledge about sports predispositions is important?

Knowledge about sports aptitude is important to help children and young people develop their best qualities. Professional athletes will understand why they cannot perform better and that they should consider changing the distance or sport.

How the test is performed?

To determine sports predispositions, the genetic test includes 4 genes, i.e. ACTN3 (rs1815739), NOS3 (rs2070744), IL6 (rs1800795) and AGT (rs699). SNP analysis using our reagents is fast and accurate. Thanks to the IFU instructions included in the kit, the technician can easily interpret the results. The reaction lasts about 2 hours, and the temperature-time profile is selected so that the laboratory can analyze several genes simultaneously using one device. Ready-to-use reagents are included in the kit. It is enough for the lab technician to add each of them in the right proportion and the reaction is ready. Quickly, easily and professionally.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

The genetic test allows to determine the natural predispositions related to the type of muscles you have – is the client more suitable for speed and strength sports or for endurance. It gives the possibility of optimal adjustment of the trained sports discipline to the body’s capabilities. The client will be able to create appropriate training programs and avoids injury, fatigue and discouragement.

What can be done after the test result?

A professional approach to the client will inspire his trust and ignite the desire to learn about other genes. Without the need for sequencing, you can access information about many DNA fragments that affect key parameters of our lives.