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(Prostate Cancer) 

qPCR SNP Detection Kit

PROCA (Prostate Cancer) qPCR SNP Detection Kit


Analysed genes are responsible for the formation of proteins involved in stopping the development of prostate cancer. Abnormalities in these genes lead to impaired functions of the emerging proteins and, consequently, an increased chance of developing prostate cancer, as well as faster development of the disease.




Prostate Cancer




rs138213197, rs555607708


2 × Nuclease-Free Water
2 × 2xSNP MasterMix
2 × Oligos Set
2 × Positive Control Set


100 rxns


-25°C to -15°C


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Did you know...?

Prostate cancer is a major cause of disease and mortality among men. It is the third most common diagnosed malignancy. Every year 1.6 milion men are diagnosed and 366 000 die of this disease. This type of cancer is diagnosed mainly in men over the age 60, below the age of 40 is rare, but the number of younger patients increases. The exact causes of the development of prostate cancer are not known. It is known that the occurrence of this type of cancer is associated primarily with older age and genetic factors.

What may happen?

Older age, obesity, metabolic syndrome, smoking, lack of activity are factors which increase risk of the disease, but the most significant is family history of the cancer and genetic predisposition. The HOXB13 and CHEK2 genes are fragments of DNA containing instructions for building proteins that protect against cancer development. As a result of mutations in these genes, the process of carcinogenesis occurs which leads to the development of prostate cancer. These genes are responsible for about 30-40 percent cases of this cancer at a young age.

How the test is performed?

The test performed concerns specific positions in HOXB13 and CHEK2 genes, where changes (mutations) can occur. Using the real-time PCR method, we determine the patient’s genotype and the risk of the disease that is associated with it. Interpretation of the test result, i.e., information about the risk of developing prostate cancer, depends on whether either of the two alleles carries a mutation.

How will the client benefit?

Interpretation of the obtained results, based on the IFU of the product included in the kit, allows for the preparation of an extensive report containing both the genotype description and recommendations indicating the further diagnostic path. The test we offer is relatively quick, uncomplicated and does not require a lot of lab work.

Why is it worth doing a genetic test?

Professional service and a report with a comprehensive explanation of the result and recommendations will encourage the patient to use other genetic tests. This is particularly important in the case of diseases such as prostate cancer, in which early diagnosis gives a chance for effective treatment.

What can be done after the test result?

In the case of an unfavorable variant of the gene, it is important to follow the recommendations and consult a doctor. It should be remembered that a normal genotype does not exclude the disease. The great potential of genetic testing makes it possible to predict many diseases and gives a chance to take action to improve health.