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With the development of civilization and technological advances, the length of human life has increased considerably. There are also more hazards caused by environmental factors that lead to illnesses or disturbances in the human body. An irregular or unhealthy lifestyle is mainly responsible for the emergence of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases.

A number of risks and vulnerabilities are genetically determined and an appropriate study allows identification of individual predispositions of the organism in question to a specific disorder. By knowing the results of such a study, you can change your lifestyle accordingly and take preventive prophylaxis against illness.


The Problem of obesity has become one of the most common disorders occurring among humans. It poses a serious threat to health and quality of life. Obesity is struggling with more than 500 million people around the world. It is the result of the positive energy balance arising from the energy collection, which is not adequately exploited. This situation causes its storage mainly in the form of lipids in adipose tissue. Energy balance is controlled by consuming adequate amounts of food and physical activity.

Obesity-related risks

People with a predisposition to obesity should pay special attention to their lifestyle and apply a balanced diet. This minimizes the likelihood of illness and thus reduces the incidence of medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases or cancers.

What genes are analysed in the study and what do they influence?

The FTO gene is one of the best-tested obesity-related genes. The occurrence of its specific genetic variant translates into carbopoly-lipid balance in the human body i.e. the use of adequate amounts of ingredients in energy demand. Those carriers of the altered variant of the gene are more likely to be at risk of developing obesity. People with mutations have been shown to be prone to eating and consuming larger amounts of food, as well as reduced perception of satiety.

Who is recommended to perform the test?

Obesity is one of the most serious problems of the 21ST century. It is found in both children and adults and is a serious health hazard. It is therefore worth checking if you have a predisposition and take care of yourself. The study is especially recommended for young people and children, as early detection of predispositions and preventive actions can protect them from the onset of disease.

Can I donate this study to someone?'

You can transfer/donate selected studies to another person. You just need to enter the box names for each of the selected products when completing your order after entering your shipping address. By giving different names of boxes (e.g. 1-my, 2-for-mum) You can create test kits for both yourself and the people you want to donate GeneMe study to.

It is also worth remembering that:

Each successive test within one SWAT (i.e. one box) is awarded for 50% of the price.
We send your entire order to one of the specified addresses to send the boxes in different places to separate orders.